Horoscope Capricorn 2015

Last year was a banner financial year for you, Capricorn. Your earnings and general wealth increased substantially. Jupiter, which provided much of the fuel for earnings growth, is leaving your Money House in 2015, but Neptune is moving into it. There will be continued financial growth in 2015, but perhaps not at the same frenetic pace as last year.
Last year was one of psychological growth, of managing your feeling nature, of focusing on your home and family situation. This trend continues in 2015, but to a lesser extent. This is more of a fun year than last year was. Your interest in family issues will revolve round children rather than your actual, physical home.
Neptune has been in your own Sign for about 14 years now, creating great idealism, visionary tendencies and an interest in spirituality. It has been a period of great ferment and change for you – and perhaps confusion as well. But Neptune is beginning to leave your Sign in 2015. It will fully complete this transition in 2016 and, though your interest in spirituality will continue (Pluto in your 12th House), it will be more on the back-burner, not at the forefront of your activities. Neptune leaving your Sign is going to make you feel more comfortable, more grounded and down to earth – more focused.
After 14 years you have had ample time to digest the lessons of Neptune and to assimilate them into your mind-body. You are now free to put these spiritual lessons into practice.
Jupiter makes a major move from your House of Money into your 3rd House of Communication. Thus intellectual interests are important this year. There will be a lot of local, short-term, domestic travel this year – perhaps involving charities or spiritual seminars. Many of you are getting new cars this year – nice ones – and otherwise getting new and better communication and writing equipment. Buying, selling, trading, advertising and media activities are happy and fortunate.
Any time a planet such as Saturn makes a move it is big news, regardless of your Sun Sign. But for you, it is even bigger news, as Saturn is your Ruling Planet. Saturn’s vacillation between your 4th and 5th Houses shows your personal vacillation between family duties and the need for some fun. You will go one way and then another, depending on where Saturn is. Saturn in Aries makes you very active. Saturn in Taurus (from 9th June to 25th October) makes you more conservative.
Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are intellectual interests, local travel, dealing with neighbours and siblings, foreign travel (though you are doing less of it this year), religion, metaphysics and higher education; later on in the year, they will include making money for shareholders and partners, eroticism, depth psychology and eliminating the undesirable from your life.


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